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“Homework” from meetings…

Exercise from meeting held on 04 September 2018:

Create a series of pictures exploring depth of field, similar to the exercise from 28th August in the Community Centre Garden.

You can use a series of bollards, a churchyard, railings, or any scene that has a number of similar equally-spaced objects. It just needs to be something that illustrates that the depth of field increases (meaning more sharpness and focus in the picture) as the F-stop number increases (the aperture that lets light into the camera gets smaller as the F-stop number increases).

Additional information, hints, tips, etc. can be gained from the Mike Browne YouTube videos. For instructions on how to subscribe to Mike Browne’s YouTube channel, click here.

Pictures will be reviewed at the next meeting (18th September 2018) – bring them along on a USB (memory) stick / flash drive.

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